Opening Theme
  1. Pray by Tommy heavenly6
  2. Tōi Nioi by YO-KING
  3. Gin'iro no Sora by redballoon
  4. Kasanaru Kage by Hearts Grow
  5. Donten by DOES
  6. Anata MAGIC by monobright
  7. Stairway Generation by Base Ball Bear
  8. Light Infection by Prague
Ending Theme
  1. Fūsen Gamu by Captain Straydum
  2. Mr. Raindrop by amplified
  3. Yuki no Tsubasa by redballoon
  4. Candy Line by Hitomi Takahashi
  5. Shura by DOES
  6. Kiseki by Snowkel
  7. Signal by Kelun
  8. Speed of flow by THE RODEO CARBURETTOR
  9. Sanagi by POSSIBILITY
  10. This world is yours by Plingmin
  11. I, Ai, Ai by GHOSTNOTE
  12. Kagayaita by SHIGI
  13. Asa Answer by Pengin
  14. Wō Ai Nī by Hitomi Takahashi & Beat Crusaders
  15. Wonderfull Days by One Draft
  16. Sayonara no Sora by Qwai